RTP - Demo

Real Time Pricing - a Demo Application.

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 This project will demonstrate how to build  a loosely coupled enterprise  application using The Open Stack. This application will be built on the Real Time Enterprise Application Stack defined by The Open Stack project.

Dynamic and Seamless Integration:

The application will demonstrate how the open source technologies like STRUTS, Tomcat, Apache - Axis and Castor JDO can be put together to build a simple pricing application that can integrate with multiple back end systems - dynamically - in Real Time.  Based on the user settings (based on the value of 'business unit' - that the user belongs to), the application will dynamically go to the corresponding back end system to fetch the data.

Complete development life cycle using an IDE.

It will demonstrate how an open source IDE (such as NetBeans) can be used to write, compile and test the application. It will demonstrate the IDE's integration with source control system. CVS - an open source control system will be used for the demo.

Build, testing and logging tools.

The demo will use - 'Ant' build tool and demonstrate sample build files for development as well as deployment. The demo will add Unit as well as in container testing examples. It will demonstrate flexible logging solution using Log4J.

Using Web Service for application integration.

The real time pricing demo application will demonstrate integration with another back end system using web services. It will use Apache Axis - an open source web service tool kit for that.